My Favorite Flowers today

I found these in my garden and would like to share them with you. What I really love about them is the color, the scent and the shapes. I have strong memories from my childhood’s garden of these lovely Sweet Peas in Danish we call them by the Latin name Latyrus.

I am training on photography with our Nikon DX camera. Most photos in my blog here I have taken with my iPhone camera.

Among the roses are Lavender which  I use in salads and bread baking in a dried form.

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  1. My mother had a huge tangled sweet pea bush that I loved..I think even as a child I preferred the flowers that had no scent, and perhaps this is one of the reasons I liked sweet peas. I didn’t realize until I was older that the reason I hated the scent of flowers was because I was so allergic to them. The pink rose is outlandish. It looks like a ranunculous (probably misspelled.) I love how densely packed it is, and a beautiful color.


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