Day 11: Writing and not writing

  • When I am not writing I am looking forward to write
  • When I am not reading I am also looking forward to read
  • When I am out running I get ideas for writing. (More than I manage to write about)
  • When I am not writing I attend many fitness classes as Step, Indoor Cycling, Combat, Flexibility and Aqua Gym
  • when I am reading and writing I listen to classical music, it doesn’t disturb me, but it helps me to concentrate
  • when I am writing or reading I am not so keen on talking, I enjoy to be alone
  • when I am out on trips I like to travel with my husband and to look at art at museums and architecture in the streets or landscapes in the countryside.
  • I enjoy going to classical concerts, ballets and operas. Sometimes I introduce these events to a young interested person
  • I like to look up historical places, war memorials
  • I like to talk with people, but prefer conversations face to face, because then I can think about the questions we discuss, or the deep important things we share.
  • When I am not writing I am often cooking healthy food using good quality ingredients
  • I volunteer to help young mothers to understand their babies( in what stage they are in) sleeping, eating questions  and motor development.

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