“The Green Stripe” by Henri Matisse

My father kept a key behind a small picture painted by Matisse. It was the second key to the door from the cellar and out. We always got into our house that way. The first key sat in the lock inside the door. The extra key was used when the family went to bed at night.

Did you lock the door in the cellar?

When my mom died in October 2008, we spent some months clearing the house for sale. The picture is now at my husband’s work where he likes to collect reproductions. The painting is at our Danish State’s Museum of Art together with a few other of his colourful works. There is something about his choice of colours.

More from our State’s Museum of Art in Copenhagen


If my husband and I happen to come across an art museum where they have Matisse’s works, we make sure to visit the place.

His late paper cut from different special exhibitions


Matisse's late paper cuts

Matisse’s late paper cuts


  1. sometimes I ask myself :How is it possible to find new ideas to write about? But somehow they just arrive in time while looking at a picture or remembering a memory. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. That´s so nice JoHanna


      • I agree. I veer between decluttering and holding on to old things that have memories. One minute I decide it all has to go and when it comes to it, I can’t! When you are the in-between generation space becomes an issue because you are holding on to your parents’ and grandparents’ things as well as your grown-up children’s and their children’s things! I keep telling them they will have to build an extension for all my treasures when I’m gone, but I suspect it will all go to the charity shops!


    • Yes you see how he has developed his strokes so his paintings seem done quickly and free and his choice of colours are striking. Thank you for reading and commenting Judy


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