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If we were having coffee I would tell you of these two new investments in health


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I don’t like to talk about it but my back has felt stiff for years due to a curvature of the spine or just a result of being born two months prematurely. I never wanted it to hinder me in the things I do, like running 45 km a week.

Last year I got a brochure in my letterbox on something called Vacuum Therapy. The link about the therapy is in Danish but you can see the machine on the page. The place is just three km from where I live so now from January I would give it a try.

They told me it was developed for astronauts to prevent them from having their circulation system damaged as some of the first ones unfortunately got gangrene in their legs and had to be amputated.

This has nothing to do with stiff backs but as many sport’s men and women get helped to cure their injuries. After four treatments my running was faster at a 10 km race last Sunday in a city called Aarhus. That’s something to be thankful for.

I have had five 30 minutes’ treatments and I have great expectations. It feels like a huge breath that takes hold of your waist and hold you tight and then let you off. Another image could be like a contraction before giving birth without hurting though.

I spend the 30 minutes reading a book. At the moment I am reading Breitbart’s “Righteous Indignation”, and Oliver twist by Charles Dickens.  It’s so tempting always to use my phone but I see to that it stays in my bag.

This year 2017 my husband Henry and I will be celebrating our 25 years anniversary. For years and years I have had a quality bed on my wish list. So this weekend we went to a store with the best beds I know of.

Hastens Beds is an old Swedish firm from the 1850s. They only use natural materials and once in Amsterdam in the Netherlands Henry and I stayed in a hotel with these beds. For once we nearly didn’t get up for breakfast as the beds were too good!

Some highlights from the museums in Amsterdam, Rijks Museum and Van Gogh Museum 

I have made a link to Van Gogh Museum where Vincent’s unhappy love life is explained

Back to Hastens:

Here is a text from their homepage. The firm is now run by the sixth generation from the one who started it. A very touching story of a family in great needs and hard living conditions in the 19th century where one-third of the Swedish population emigrated to the United States because of poverty.

Johan Janson, the father of the founder of Hastens, told his children to work hard and stay in Sweden. Their mother had died of exhaustion when the founder of Hastens Pehr Janson was nine years old


From the day we made our first bed, natural materials have always played a fundamental role. In 1852 cotton, horsetail hair, wool and flax were superior to other materials and, surprisingly, even today… that remains the case. And, then as it is now, the best way to craft using these materials is by hand. This tradition of hand craftsmanship gives our bed makers a deeply rooted understanding and mastery of both their art, and the natural materials that are so crucial to its consolidation.

I was waiting anxiously for the beds to arrive and they are beautiful. The first night I didn’t sleep because I was overwhelmed from having got such a big wish fulfilled . The next night I couldn’t sleep because i realized that my new bed was too hard. That was terrible. Should I endure it and believe I would get used to the way the mattress was made?

I phoned the salesman and asked if he had a softer model. I had been too fast in the decision as I was so excited. No problem I could come and try it and so I drove the half hour to the store and tried the softer bed.

It will be brought home to me tomorrow. What a relief. For me it’s often difficult to admit that I was wrong and need to have things changed.

Our new beds

After a few days

If we were having coffee I would tell you that a miracle has happened. I sleep better now than for years and years. The kind of beds are very expensive but worth the price when you regain your ability to sleep properly.


  1. Wouldn’t we all like to sleep better! The new health machine sounds fascinating, I haven’t heard of that here. My daughter has persuaded me to purchase the Yamuna “Ultimate Rolling Ball” workout. Good for people who sit too much at computers. I haven’t taken the time to learn it yet. What works for me is Tai Chi. Breathing and slow meditative balanced movement.Good for old people I need to spend more time at that also. There are so many kinds since it is a martial art.

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    • So good to hear from you about training. I am sure the vacuum machine is American. I use something called “the grid” to massage muscles. I haven’t heard of “the ultimate rolling ball”


  2. You were born with a severe curvature, so was I, I have Osteoarthritis as well in my spine, we know the pain don’t we. Here my Doctor has me on Morphine Patches, have been on them for years do they work, well no, he has just added another patch to me. Your bed looks absolutely wonderful. I am going to read your article again to make sure I did not miss anything. You take care poppet. Anna.


    • I am so pleased to get a comment from you on this post. My bed is wonderful so good I changed it. The medium was hard and the soft I have got is medium. Yes I am so tired of being stiff necked and further down along the spine. Sometimes I long for heaven to get a new body


  3. Congratulations on your anniversary AND your anniversary present. I have wanted a premium bed for years as well – so it’s lovely to read that somebody go her wish fulfilled. I hope that, with the combination of the bed and the vacuum therapy, your back is feeling much better.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”


  4. Aahh, let’s hear it for sleep!!! Sounds fabulous and I hope the treatments help as well.. Sounds kind of like traction, in a way? Lots of luck to you.. and Happy Anniversary!

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    • So kind of you to read my post and comment on it. The bed is good and my sleep has improved especially when I lay aside all worry. I have prolonged the treatments to give it a chance to work more effectively


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