Inspiration From Social Media

A History Lesson

The author of this Tweet thread mentions that inventions have been made to make life easier.

We have got used to having a much easier life than those who lived before us. In Tweet #8 he says:

We became dependent on other people, government, and gadgets. This became highly evident when schools started doing away with metal shop, woodshop, music classes, and home economics courses where students are taught to cook and sew. Our grandparents saw this and knew it was wrong.

#41 and #42

Let’s learn a few skills, start a hobby, do something with our spare time. Learn to hunt again, learn to fish, learn to grow crops, learn to build, learn to repair, and learn to gather from nature for sustainability. Let’s start cutting the fat, walking away from costly lifestyles that serve nothing but our egos. Let’s encourage our fellow man to think for themselves, to become self-sustaining.

What do I do regarding the subject described above?

  • Collect fruit and berries from the nature around me and cook or freeze it
  • I mend clothes both for my grandchildren and me
  • Try to use all leftover food in the refrigerator
  • Bring our homemade sandwiches and coffee with us for a picnic
A painting by Henri Matisse


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