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The Last Rose of Summer

Six years ago my beloved mother died in October. What I had feared as a child just happened. She said every autumn, that she had taken “the last Rose of the summer” from the garden. She was a rose herself. Always thinking about us her children and keeping her correspondence with many people all over family and friends. If she didn’t […]

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What Heroes are Made of

German troops invaded Denmark in April 1940 and continued to occupy the country for the following five years. Before the war began the Danish government had been unwise to cut defence spending. Hence the people were ill-equipped to defend themselves. How they were to rue the desperate situation that followed. Recently, I read of a true hero from that time, […]

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Sowing in the Darkest Hour

I met a beautiful young woman recently outside my training centre. She was happily married and was enjoying her work as a newly educated staff nurse. I was so thrilled to see that her life had turned out so well. My thoughts went twelve years back. My youngest son had been placed in a home for mentally ill young people after […]

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