Celebrating bloggers I follow #3

I enjoy more and more to read blogs and get to know the fellow bloggers I have come across. It helps me to remember you when I systematize in a post after blog content. I have a mixture of many subjects I write about and I admire those of you who can concentrate on one big subject. This post is the third in a serial on celebrating my fellow bloggers.

Blogging Event for fellowship

  • Historical Bloggers :

Mogromo , is reconstructing the last part of his uncle’s life in a serial called “Reweaving the tapestry of a lost life”

Jan Van Boeckel, in his early twenties, was taken by the Gestapo in Belgium and put to prison and he disappeared in a death camp just before the end of WWII. It’s a very touching and important story to honor this young man. I am very interested in stories like this and I was encouraged to be “Liked” by Mogromo on a serial I did on an Estonian woman deported with her family to Siberia in 1941 and in 1949. I did, as Mogromo also does, linking the posts together so that they can be easily found for new readers. I am sorry I couldn’t find your name in your blog. I know I mentioned you last time I did this kind of a post, but your blog is worth getting known!

Pacific Paratrooper by G.P. Cox is a blog on military history and honoring his father a WWII veteran. G.P. Cox has very many followers and is worth following. Yesterday it was Armistice Day or Veterans’ Day though we ought to remember the sacrifice of the fighting soldiers always.

  • On Health, emotional, and physical

Healing Through Connection by Catherine Cheng, MD the name of the blog touches me and it soon became clear that we have a lot in common though Catherine is a medical doctor and I was a practicing Health Visitor. We share the same view of human nature and want to share what we learnt in our many meetings with people, patients or families.

Her blog is so beautiful, the header with a blue bird surrounded by a border of grapes on a blue background, like a tapestry. The content is about the inner healing via the physician-patient relationship and the blog is full of wise posts on communication and development of empathy both as a physician a parent and on marriage and friendships.

  • On Classical Music

One of my passions is Classical music from the renaissance to our modern age. I seldom write about it as it so difficult for me to describe classical music in words when I am not educated in the area. A fellow blogger Charles found me as I wrote about what classical music means to me and I would like to recommend his blog with posts on a very high level on Classical music and with audible examples of the pieces his is describing. I like his original gravitar, himself with a rococo wig, which gives me associations to Mozart.

The blog is called De Chareli

  • On Humor and life 

Bernadette in Haddon Musings has a blog full of good humor and wisdom written in a very good English. Please have a look!

Gigi is an artist and makes very fine collages among other things in Rethinking Life. I found an extraordinary photo of a turkey hugged by a woman. Gigi is not a fan of “Thanksgiving Day”.

Marie Griffith in her blog Full-Time shares her lives as a mother and wife and full-time worker. She strives to learn and bases her life on the bible as I do. Have a look at her beautiful blog.

  • On reading and writing

Rosemawrites is a 23 year old journalist graduate from the Philippines who loves to read and write. I think she has achieved a lot in her young life already working as a PR writer in a firm and book reviewer in her blog.

I will return to this event telling you of the many wonderful bloggers I have met on this blog adventure. A world I knew nothing about before I needed to start myself having retired last year. I must say I admire people who blog and have a job and a family with children as I believe I spend as much time blogging as I did working.

Please tell me if I misunderstood anything!


  1. Thank you so much for the kind words and introduction, Maria! I’m so excited to look up the other authors you mention here. What a blessing to know you and be part of this community! Best wishes to you and ‘see’ you around!! 😊

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  2. Thank you for including me in your review. Historical sites do have have much to offer for Family History, Military and present day affairs – they’re not just for history buffs anymore!!

    Liked by 1 person

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