My Goals for Blogging

  • I would like to share my experiences from travelling on historical and cultural topics with people who are interested in the same things.
  • I want to share personal things to connect to others, who share the same values, and in that blog fellowship, we can encourage each other.
  • I would like to share my knowledge about the different developments of babies and the proper care for them with parents who need the experience wherever they live on this earth.

My wildest dreams would be fulfilled if I would be able to get more readers in these categories listed above and in the boxes, and that I could come into closer contact by mail and by commenting and in current blog events.

How will I lift the level?

I will read more posts on the subjects I am writing about myself to find these people on a grander scale by searching on tags.

I will post regularly, but quality goes before the measure, and as English is not my native language, it takes time to do proper work.

If I get questions from interested readers, I would love to make posts on those subjects.

This blog is award-free. The reward for me is to have interactive readers. 


  1. Hi Maria! I’ll comment on the content of this page in a moment but first let me tell you that I love your header image (apple blossoms). It was apple blossom season at the time that my grandmother passed away several years ago and we had vases of blossoms all around the house at the time of her sickness. They are such a strong reminder of her. Very nice picture. Now… to comment on the content of this page…

    You mention looking for guest bloggers to write on your page. If you would like any contributions to your “art & travel” section, I am a Canadian currently living in France and could write a few posts similar to your posts on New York, Strand or Free Museums of London.

    Cheers Maria!

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  2. I love the concept of your blog. I am not a mother myself but recently moved to Sweden. I find your approach and way of writing very easy to grasp and understand.

    Happy Blogging. X

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