Holiday at Home

Going out for my running routine is sometimes hard, but I do it anyway. I chose another route just to variate a bit. After two kilometers I saw a lot of ripe raspberries. I paused to pick a few and to document with a picture. My phone then”told” me that the storing was full which meant I can’t take more pictures. That’s why I had to find free pictures at the internet. From other bloggers I have learnt that there are several possibilities for that. Unsplash, Pixabay, Wallpaperup.

The good thing about running, even when it’s boring for a start, is that you get your head full of new ideas for blogging.

From Sweden a few years ago


Fotos from Unsplash

Hindbær-1 Unsplash - CopyHindbær og andre bær i UnsplashHindbær unsplash

Seeing the square boxes of different berries in the middle reminds me of a trip to Helsinki two years ago. At the harbor all these kinds of wild berries were sold. Impressive sight.

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