These words are balsam for the soul. Thank you “Wise Wood Pigeon”. I needed them just now.



I want to talk about graciousness. The above quote from Charles Dickens is an illustration to me of graciousness. To be gracious is a characteristic I admire and appreciate in others but one that is so undervalued by the current ‘me’ generation.

It’s also a word that is not well understood. So what does it mean:


I love the way graciousness is linked to other virtues I also value: kindness, patience, mercy. To be gracious is to be kind and courteous, accepting, showing sympathy, having a generosity of spirit and a helpful nature; the ability to put another’s desire before your own. It is opposed to pride and the need for recognition. A gracious person can hold their tongue, not express their opinion, and doesn’t need to justify their words or actions.

It’s not a characteristic which I believe I’ve mastered but it is certainly a characteristic I admire, appreciate and am…

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