How to Stand Against the Onslaught

I can relate to what Karen writes here but she mentions the solutions to vicious attacks : the word of God

The Light and the Remnant


I have received call after call and message after message from friends in the onslaught. They have been hit with financial challenges, relationship challenges, health challenges, most which don’t make sense, because with everything within them they are doing everything they know to do to serve the Lord. Now as the end of the month nears fear has gripped them as once again bills are due and decisions need to be made. And yet, all the while they have been serving the Lord, walking free from offense, tithing, praying, etc. And you have asked, “Why, Lord?”

This onslaught is also against our president, our Christian beliefs and our families and it has been relentless. Many of you have been under such attack and duress that it is hard to see past your own personal situations to be able to take hold and stand for our president and nation or with…

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  1. Sometimes I want to retreat in shame at my futile attempts to take a stand for what is right. Been such an armchair warrior after the Tea Party Movement went national. But our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, was never one to retreat. He went up against the most powerful force on earth The Roman Empire, and the hierarchy of the hypocritical religious community. I would hope if need be I would have that courage.


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