Trinity Church

Trinity Church in the City of Boston, Massachusetts 

Being back in my home country after the great adventure of having been to different eastern states of the United States, I have the photos, the street maps, postcards and brochures. I have the feeling that I could have done more in advance to studying the different places to get maximum of the sights.

The Trinity Church at Copley Plaza is no exception. In the brochure, I read that the building in one of the most honoured in the United States and the architecture the “Richardsonian Romanesque”  and style was copied both in Europe, Canada and the United States. The architect is Henry Hobson Richardson, and this style is characterised by a clay tile roof, the use of several colours in the interior decoration, rough-faced stone, dense, rounded arches and a massive tower. The Trinity Church was founded in 1733, and this building was constructed between 1872-77.

The many stained glasses in the church are the finest in the nation. Four windows are by English Pre-Raphaelite artists, and other windows are created by American John La Farge. These pieces of art are from a time where art was supposed to be beautiful. To avoid copyright strikes, I refer to a link with a lot of pictures on the stained glass. These are difficult to take with a camera on a mobile phone.

Some of the upper Stained glasses in Trinity Church

Upper and lower stained glass 

The altar and interior, stained glass windows with motives from the bible

The church is situated in Back Bay, the most expensive and attractive quarter of Boston. It used to be a bay and was filled by 1882. Nearby is the Boston Public Library. You can see well preserved Victorian brownstone houses, fashionable shops in Newbury Street and Boylston Street.

Outside the church is a statue of the famous preacher Phillips Brooks (1835-1893). He had a high impact on people in his time. Ted Roosevelt liked to attend his sermons in his youth as a graduate at Harvard College in the 1870s. 

Theodore Roosevelt. The photo is from the church

Statue of Phillip Brooks at Trinity Church by Augustus Saint-Gaudens 

Copley Square where the church is situated is named after the American painter Copley. I would like to return in the season of the blossoming magnolia trees along those famous streets. 

Some places need to be studied more in advance to be able to enjoy it more. Trinity Church in Boston is a building that was intended to show the beauty and majesty of God in the architecture and interior decorations

The Bay Area in Boston
Newbury Street in Boston


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