Museum of Fine Art in Boston

American Artists

My eyes were opened to the beauty of American artists in different art museums on our tour this past summer. Today, I would like to take you with me to Boston. The Museum of Fine Arts is not at the centre of Boston, so it’s easy to catch a train to get there in a short time.

A poster outside at the pavement showed a detail of a painting that caught my attention. It was a little girl.

BostonFineArtPosterSargent - Kopi

I asked at the counter about where to find the real picture. The lady was sorry that she couldn’t look it up so we would try to see it somewhere in the buildings. On our way, we found some paintings of some of the Founding Fathers.

John Quincy Adams 28 years old 1796 by John S. Copley (1738-1885). A gift to Abigail Quincy,  Adams’ mother 1796 and at his old age, John Quincy Adams almost ninety years old 1823, painted by Gilbert Stuart.

Alexander Hamilton 1806, painted by John Trumbull (1756-1843) and

The Passage of Delaware 1776 of General George Washington and his troops crossed the ice-clogged Delaware River. That led to a crucial victory and turning point in the American Revolution

In the area with American art, we managed to find the painting with the detail of the girl from the poster outside. The picture showed four girls in an elegant living room. In the background are two huge porcelain vases and the eldest girl is leaning up against it.


Boston Fine Art J.Singer Sargent

Daughters of Edward Darley Boit (1882) alongside the same Japanese vessels by John Singer Sargent (1856-1825)

A hundred years ago Asian art was fashionable, and many artists showed their interest in Asian art by adding this to their paintings. The young girls in the picture are said to have thrown different items in the large vessels. They found the toys or what it was when they were given to the museum many years after.

Boston Fine Art J. S. Sargent Helen Sears 1895

John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) Helen Sears 1885


Hunt and Whistler

Mary S. Cassatt and Edmund Tarbell

It’s Christmas time

Boston Fine Art Nativity Scene by Copley 1776

Museum of  Fine Arts in Boston: Nativity Scene by Copley 1776. In my opinion, the baby is much like a newborn. I have seen lots of them as a Health Visitor in my thirty plus years in that job. 


Outside the museum is a stunning statue of a native American in a desperate posture.


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  1. Thank you for displaying the talent of some American artists, Maria. It shows us in a different light, which is a good thing!!
    Hope your Holiday plans are coming along smoothly.
    Give my best to Henry!!

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