Picking Blueberries

Today my husband and I went out to find blueberries and we were not disappointed. We had to stop when our bowls were filled to the brim.
Do you have wild blueberries now where you live?

PS a few days after this first “harvest” of wild blue berries we went out again and this time we got as many as the first time. They are now boiled and blended and the result is a thick blueberry soup. In Sweden it’s used after skiing, but we tried it immediately a summer evening.


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  1. Affirmative. Blueberries sighted in Luxembourg on a few, remote spots in the northern part of the country. Not too common, we have muvh more raspberries, wild strawberries and blackberries.

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  2. I remember picking blueberries at ‘Hugli’s Blueberries’ when on holiday in Canada in 2013. They tasted delicious, much better than the ones we buy here in UK supermarkets.


  3. We have blieberries in pots outside our kitchen window, we wait to see how many the blackbirds leave us 😄 We have wild blackberries though, growing through our neighbour’s fence!

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