Looking for Art Nouveau While Travelling

I am so fascinated by that style very modern a hundred years ago in Europe. At that time they believed that wars were not necessary after a long calm period! The beautiful époque thrived on that idea.

I have found buildings and decorations in that style in London, Prague and Paris. We even have a few buildings in Copenhagen of the style. It’s possible also to find creations from the style at design museums, but I find it more alive to just look around in the streets.

Our famous Danish silversmith Georg Jensen made a series of jewels in the beginning of the twentieth century.





In Paris the old Metro stations are made in that style. It sticks out from all other styles and it matches so well in Paris.


I was lucky to see a special exhibition on “Bijoux” made by René Lalique at Le Palais du Luxemburg in Paris in 2007. I hadn’t been to Paris since I was young in 1971 and I was overjoyed to be able to look for the places I had liked to see then. At that exhibition the most were women and the men sat down and waited until their spouses had seen it all.

(It’s the other way round seeing Space or science museums or at least museums on tanks.)

In Prague you can stay at a real Art Nouveau style hotel in the city centre and walk a few minutes to their old Municipal House where every detail is made in the style. You can see it all if you obey the strict commands of the guides. ” Don’t sit down, don’t touch anything!” and it is understandable that the interior would  be worn out quickly with the huge amount of visitors.



In Vienna it’s easy to spot buildings in the style. You take the tram in the Ring Strasse and look out at the Sessesion, where Gustav Klimt made the Beethoven Frieze at the walls inside.


In London you can see the style at the famous department store “Harrods” and the beautiful concert hall “Wigmore Hall” is an example of the art of that time. The acoustic is marvelous.



Close to St. James palace and the Mall you can see the memorial made for their beloved queen Alexandra of Danish origin married to king Edward VII.

Memorial in the wall for Queen Alexandra

The Queen Alexandra Monument by Sir Alfred Gilbert, R. A. (1854-1934) near St. James’Park


Next time you are at these places have a look for yourself. You will benefit from a lot of walking too.


  1. Great write! Such great photos! I have been working on post’s this past week but am going to be working on some great articles for next week. I have posted some photos I’ve been taking. Once a week I will be letting everyone know what’s going on. I really enjoy your articles and photos.


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