How Fashion Recycle

The sight of a lovely skirt in a shop brought my thoughts back to the late fifties! This kind of skirt was modern at that time and has not been in fashion since then. At that time it was an under skirt, but I suppose it’s not meant to be underwear now. The French model and actor Brigitte Bardot was wearing dresses in check pattern. Black and white, rose and white or light blue and white with lace borders around the neckline and maybe around the sleeves.


Not long ago I saw a skirt in a shop for very young girls and it reminded me of how fashion recycle.



O how I wished to have a dress like that. As with the composition doll that I longed to have, I don’t remember asking for it.

I have compensated though as I found similar dresses five to seven years ago at two occasions. I like the very feminine style. It reminds me of the dreams of my childhood.

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