1. I learn from each of your blogs. I too prefer a simple style. My e-mail sometimes deletes things too fast before I have a chance to read them. It seems you are also a marathoner like my grown granddaughter. Here in our town with a mild climate, the children’s school has “tigers on the prowl” at recess. The children count their trips around the track until they complete a marathon and get a shirt. My 7-year old grand. is already on his 2nd marathon this year.
    Happy holidays, Paula

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  2. Didn’t realize you were Danish. Love Denmark. Even took three months of Danish and visited Århus twice (once in December and again in the summer). My huge fascination though are the Skagen painters. I’m sure I lived there in another life. Not as a painter, as a housemaid.

    It’s so interesting to see the differences in style. I identify as French-American (with Hungarian heritage), and even in America the styles varied between regions. One friend’s mother was from the South and she made her thirteen-year-old daughter wear makeup and pantyhose while some of us were not allowed makeup at that age. In Hungary everything is about showing off the brand, but in a conservative way. I grew up in the ’80s and loved the New Romantics, not to mention the 1920s, so you can imagine my style. 😀


  3. Btw, what you wrote about Manchester reminded me of a childhood episode. I loved Britain when I was a kid. So one day when I was about thirteen or so we’d visited again. There was a huge line off the ferry for cars and buses, so I wandered off. Ended up meeting my pen friend, a boy my age who confirmed my life history with, “so you’re French but live in Germenai.” Took me a few beats to realize what he’d just said. 😀

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