Pineapple and New Year’s Eve

On the last day of the year coming home from a tough interval running training I decided to make juice of pineapple and ginger. Suddenly I remembered the first time I saw and tasted raw pineapple for the first time.

Really it´s not that many years ago. I was 25 years old spending the New Year in London with some new friends. I was among a group involved in a Christian student organisation called the Navigators.

Do I need to say that at that time I never dreamt of being able to run either.

One of the English navigators had grown up in Africa and brought a whole pineapple from a market in London just to remember her childhood.

I was so surprised. Tasting it I really didn´t like it that much. I was only used to canned pineapple in either big round wheels or smaller cuts. That was of course sweeter than the real pineapple.

I learnt one thing though; when you buy it you can judge if it´s ripe by drawing the inner leaf out. If it comes out easily it´s ripe. I have never forgotten that.

Nowadays I hardly ever eat the canned one and we are spoiled in being able to get all the exotic fruits here in Denmark all year round.

It´s been so exciting to blog. I was a beginner in August and I am looking forward to learn more and to be a better writer.

Twice I have accidentally published a post instead of saving a draft. Once I have published a new post at least one month back without knowing it. So much to learn still!

I appreciate the contact I have already got through this blogging, reading and writing. Thank you to you who have taken the time to read my posts!


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