Urge to write

It really moves me to tell you why I started blogging a few months ago. Due to a lot of stress and pressure at work I realised that an area was over. I loved my job as a health visitor. For more than thirty years I had visited families with new-born babies their first year and was involved in their happiness and sorrows supporting a healthy lifestyle for their families.

I encouraged the developments in the different areas of the babies’ lives, weighing my words on a scale.

Every word could be remembered and sometimes spread out in the family if misunderstood.

My leaders preferred newly educated people who were hooked on new ideas and willing to cut away the foundation of our profession.

My old fashioned way of weighing a baby

My old-fashioned way of weighing a baby

Having retired opened up for a flood. I write about my professional experience on babies and their needs, but another undercurrent is twisting around that subject.

My love for language, health issues, for foreigners, for art, music, historical subjects and travelling want to manifest as well. I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with ideas to write about. Some times I mix these things like an embroidery.

I love to get in contact with other bloggers and I am sure this will develop.

To me blogging is expressing my self with out the tiresome thought that the person you speak to doesn’t want to hear what’s in your heart.


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