More Borrowed Pictures on Old Toys “Madamme Blue”


I am in love with these fine samples of old kitchens belonging to my friend Dorthe Lohmann. She has collected the small items over a long period at markets. Some was given her by older relatives.

 Dorthes blå køkken i ophæng

Dorthe Lohmann’s doll kitchen in a cupboard  

The enameled kitchen ware are German and some is Danish of the make “Glud & Marstrand” from about 1910. The stove is younger from about the thirties and the make is Tekno.

Dorthe Lohmann’s doll kitchen and stove

Dorthe and her husband have created the cupboards and shelves. At Christmas time Dorthe decorate it for Christmas and the dolls will be baking cakes.

Please have a look!

Dorthe Lohmann’s doll kitchen

More blue treasures. All pictures belong to Dorthe Lohmann


  1. My favourite shade of blue. I’m always amazed by the amount of work and care that goes into making and assembling these beautiful miniature collections. Thanks for sharing. x


    • You are right. I go to every toy museum I come across, and they are few! My friend’s collection of old toys are nicer put together than any thing else. Though in Prague I found something too where every thing matches style and colour


  2. I don’t yhink I have ever seen such a lovely collection. It liiks as if somebody has just stepped out of the room in the middle of cooking and clearing up. And Those cupboards! Just beautifu.l


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