Dry English sense of humor as I met it on my holiday in England lately

  • You are not very good at running in hills!

We  had run together after not having seen each other in 45 years. At that time I had never been running at all, but have taken up the habit 11 years ago.

  • Don’t think I am going to have pity on you!

Me telling an old friend that I was cold right into the bones having packed the wrong things in my suitcase and the weather was suddenly very cold.


A very cold version of me in The Lake District



Cuff link as small Spitfire planes

Cuff links as small spitfire planes


When I stayed with my English friends 45 years ago the father lovingly called me

  • a flipping foreigner or just an alien

As the Danish Vikings invaded England both from Denmark and from Normandy we had ourselves had a huge influence on England and our own sense of humor is similar I think.
You can also find many lovely things on big signs or information boards. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of a sign for the toilets at the Central Station at Newcastle upon Tyne. It showed both a drawn woman and a gentleman with crossed legs. We were catching a train and  hadn’t time to take a picture.

We visited another friend and she had a decoration plate in her kitchen as follows and an old porcelain dog!


In Denmark we don’t have the horror stories and ghost walks as you can choose to go on in England.

To walk a Jack the Ripper walk in London is a very normal thing to do.


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