I Made It

I was lucky to find the blogging event created for Mondays to be a bit more agreeable than usually. Thank you to the blogger who calls her blog Confessions of a Food Tourist.

To encourage yourself and others we can attend in this event by highlighting one thing we accomplished last week and blog about it on Mondays.

I liked to create things as a child and as a young person, but for many years all I created was mostly the daily dishes for the meals. A lot of work at my job and all it takes to keep a home and upbringing children suppressed this interest.


My third grandchild was christened yesterday and I had this irresistible idea to make decorations for the tables and balloons with confetti inside. I kept everything in cream and rose colors.


I was so glad that I did because it made the event more special and the children liked to unwrap the small packets to see the things and eat the piece of candy. I also think that the young parents had enough to do arranging the food and make the house ready for many guests and the timing of everything that it was an encouragement for them that the decoration matched the occasion.

The home is very minimalistic furnished so I didn’t want to exaggerate.

  • I cut bride veil material in squares
  • Put in small decorative things as sweets with a name on & baby things
  • Tied it up with a thin bow of silk ribbon
  • Cut small pieces of silk paper and put into large cream-colored balloons in white strings



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