I Write Because

The question is put by the administrator of the online course “writing 101”. We can take part as many times as we like and for me, that’s a good thing as I can’t grasp a whole course in one go. I might have touched this issue before, but it’s worth thinking about more than once.

  • I write to share my life with people all over the globe
  • I write to get in touch with people, not only of my age but all ages and gender.
  • I write because I love languages and want to be a better writer in English even though Danish is my mother tongue.
  • I write to share my experience in Health Care for babies. That there are rules for behaviour that are timeless and based on knowledge of the phases an infant passes through even though I acknowledge that babies are different.
  • I love photos and want to share them too.
  • I write about extraordinary people I come across in biographies.

To share my life can be explained as trying to put into words what I have seen while travelling that I feel is urgent to show you or tell you. When visiting, I get many strong feelings when I look at certain types of people or architecture different from what surrounds me at home. It’s like having a treasure that will never be known if I don’t share it. I feel the same way about memories of late family members. Nobody will ever hear about them if I don’t write about them. Their lives were precious, and I didn’t manage to ask enough questions about their experiences in time, but the little I know and the photos I have can be shared.

My grandmother and Eva her firstborn 1921

My grandmother and Eva her firstborn 1921

My life is also the inner life.  I always seem to react in a certain way even though my common sense tells me it’s immature. I then write about it to understand where the silly reactions come from and to get in touch with people who would understand and help me into another level of adulthood.

When I was eleven years old, I longed to be able to write in English to my mother’s friends in England. It was the year before we started to take English lessons at school.  I had a dictionary and looked up every word, but I didn’t know any grammar, so the words were just put together as they were. I still have the same longing to be able to express my self more clearly.

When I write about babies and how to understand them I have to come across some needs in that area which ignites the writing. It comes like something I can’t let go of. I write to support those who have a similar problem.

I also take part in the blogging course “Blogging 101” “From Zero to Hero” where we focus on our blog page and how we create more traffic on our page by revising the themes and photos and how the content matches the theme.

I discovered a week ago that my alphabetic list of posts in the header ended at the letter S!!!

I was looking for a particular old post, and it figured nowhere. It took me nearly a week to seek up all the titles and check if they were seen or not on my page. I made all published posts through a proofread writing and found lots of errors. Then I revised the pictures in galleries and changed the size from thumbnail to medium or large. Last I made two new lists as subheads under “Posts.”

  • News
  • Favourites

I hope you would take a look at those to visit the posts that were nearly lost and forgotten.

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  1. I love your post! And your English is perfect! It goes to show that determination is everything. You were determined to learn English and you did it! Here’s a secret: You write better than many native speakers. I’m looking forward to reading your blog.

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  2. Your English is very good! I can’t imagine writing my blog in another language, largely because I don’t know another language but even if I did it would be a major challenge. I am glad you are sharing your life and your wisdom with us.

    Liked by 1 person

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