Walk your talk…

I got the inspiration for the monthly One Word Challenge on Integrity from a blogger I follow. Her blog is called RethinkingLife

The collage she had made in her post challenged me. Please have a look at the link above. I have not become an expert on Integrity though I have trained on it all of 2015 and unconsciously for years and years.

The exercise for me is to stand on my opinions or on what I have said earlier also when it shows unpopular.

I have a Facebook friend who is a rather left winged author on historical and theological issues. One day he had called another of my Facebook friends a very derogatory name, something like “soft in his head” rhyming on the surname of the targeted person in German. The latter one is a journalist reviewer and an author but from the “right winged” side. His father barely escaped the Nazi action against the Jews in Denmark in October 1943. I have a posts on that here: The Attic

and   Serially lost part two


I asked the first mentioned how he could call his oppose such an ugly name and soon after I saw loads of notifications on the subject. I chose to keep away. I had been there and disappeared. I was not ready to see the names I probably was called by his friends to defend him. We are still friends sharing many interests included running.

The 30 September is the date of the tenth year for publishing the so-called “Cartoons” here in Denmark and the result is that nobody dare to show them because of death threats and real terror. Those involved from the News Paper are having life guards around them for every step they take and some have secured and secret houses.  Freedom of expression is also freedom to insult. Those who are insulted ought to learn that you don’t use terror in response.

If my friend who was insulted would do anything he would use his pen in an article.

I consider to train on staying in the “fight”, but I am not sure if it is worth it.

Badge from RebirthofLisa

Badge from RebirthofLisa

The one word challenge on Lisa’s blog. Thank you Lisa for hosting this idea on Rebirth of Lisa.

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