How to BEST fight the good fight!

equestrian, Henri IV, Henry 4th, Paris, Statue

Recently I found myself going back to a very well-known passage of scripture. As soon as the passage came to mind, however, it was followed by a second thought: “I already know what I’ll find.” We think that because it’s a familiar passage, it‘s less able to teach us something new. That’s rarely the case when we’re honestly reading the […]

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Dislikes & Likes  

  The Dislikes To see a pregnant and smoking woman in a pedestrian street in my home town Beautiful baroque opera music with singers wearing vulgar costumes “The Fairy Queen” by Henry Purcell People talking loud in their phones on any subject while you hear the counterpart in a bad loud-speaker When at our hotel breakfast room other guests insist […]

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15 years ago

Let social media inspire you   I was at a parking lot in my home town Herning in Denmark. Time with us was five p.m and I sat in my car just wanting to hear the news. That was when the Western world shook and the terror attacks on the World Trade Center happened. The reporters voice was trembling and my life came on a halt. Personally I went through a very tough time with especially my youngest boy who would turn fifteen in October 2001. He had problems due to having experimenting with cannabis and maybe other things too. I think he never felt at home after we had moved to Denmark six years earlier and he like my other children had been neglected by their father who sometimes showed them attention and at other times treated them cruelly. Years of attrition on my life had also made me fail in many ways especially in not being able to communicate properly with my children in their teens. I felt the heavy burden from the terror attack and that it meant a boundary had been crossed at the same time where I would have to search for my son early and late. The next morning I was awakened at five o’clock by the local police and the kind police officer asked me if I knew that my son was at a room for homeless people in Herning. […]

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