Mariager Salt Center  

One of my fellow bloggers Paula Pederson has asked me to write about this attraction in Denmark. I had illustrated a post with some pictures from a resent visit to the beautiful little town called Mariager. Translated it means Maria’s Field.



The cobble stone streets match the picturesque houses. We heard of a former strict judge who took a walk each day and pointed out any alteration in the original style of restoring the houses. The effect of that is that the houses have a harmonious look and you will not see ugly neon signs anywhere.

Mariager Salt

Mariager Salt

We went to the Salt Centre to celebrate my husbands birthday. The place is a museum on how salt was produced since the Middle Ages at Mariager.

My pictures:

I enjoyed to see these fine glass salt boxes and find the exact one I had had, but forgotten about. It was a little, now lost, transparent glass hen.

In addition you can bath in a pool with salty water similar to the Dead Sea. It was easier to descend to this water than waking out in the Dead Sea trying to sit down without losing control.

I have gathered some of the pictures from their homepage :


“The dead sea”


Children looking at plants that grow in salty earth


Different delicacy salt


  1. I am surprised that plants grow in salty soil, and also that that pretty colored shapes can be made from them. I imagine that those various minerals are healthy.
    I once swam in the Great Salt Lake of Utah. I floated up high, like the children in the Mariager pool. All that salt did not feel good on my skin.

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