Lance Wallnau, My Online Pastor

What a rich flow of spiritual education to be found via Dr Lance Wallnau’s homepages.

Lance teaches on business and entrepreneur issues but just as much in how to increase in your calling whatever that might be. Lance is a Christian with Jewish background educated in theology and economy.  He has many platforms. Periscope attached to Twitter is the social medias he uses nearly daily. When he is “on live” a whistle goes and all his faithful “Periscopers” as he calls us, are with him. At these live broadcasts he is either entertaining, singing or playing the piano or teaching on political and biblical issues. He is very serious at times or even upset and angry sometimes. He shares on the books and articles he reads and encourages us to focus on the “Mountain of influence” that appeals to us .

Lance was not afraid to risk his reputation by writing a book about Donald Trump and comparing him to a modern-day “Cyrus type” like Ronald Reagan or Winston Churchill. Cyrus can be read about in the Old Testament as prophets were prophesying about him long before his birth and Isiah 45 is a chapter on his important role in Israels’s history. The real king Cyrus was a secular king who made a decree that the Israelites in Babylonian captivity could go back home to Israel.

Lance’s book “God’s Chaos Candidate and The American Unraveling”  was released one month before the election and became an Amazon bestseller. He explains among many other things the Obama shadow government using his skills in organizing groups to fight in his teacher Alinsky’s manner and that it’s urgent that Christians rise up and fight too and not just ignoring each other. Lance’s varied teaching can be found on his homepage.

I was struck in awe by the teaching from the beginning of April that Lance gave on his official Facebook page. Here is the link to his post.

He teaches on the human drives we have. They are life long drives

  • Need for Significance
  • Need for Certainty
  • Need for Connection
  • Need for Uncertainty

These are universal and as we are different we go for one or two of them. The idea is that get awakened about that we have these needs but we put them under God’s will. He ends up asking us to receive the

  • Need of growth and contribution

That was what spoke to me. I am retired from Health Visiting but have a private blog page where I reach out to new mothers and fathers with the experience I have gathered through the many years I have worked. I have this need to contribute because I know it has taken a long time to get the knowledge and I would love to pass it on.

Loving the small ones





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