A Father’s Love

A tweet from a fellow blogger inspired me to this post on a father’s love. The page is called “BeautyBeyondBones” and the post is the title of a movie called “Little Orphan Annie”.

BeautyBeond Bones Tweet




As a child I longed for a secure relationship with my father who suffered from sleep deprivation and nervousness causing him to become addictive to sedatives and sleeping pills. I thought all this was normal, but an American movie about a sailor and a child evoked in me the feelings of longing for a father’s love. I think I was nine years old then. For days after I would walk up and down the side-walk at home wearing a white sailor hat. I was in a dream world. I see very few movies as these strong feelings are still overwhelming me when touched emotionally through a movie.

By the help of a fellow blogger moviejoltz I found the title “Anchors Aweigh” with Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly from 1945. I am looking forward to see it again somehow.







Images on a father’s love from Pixabay

mormors fødselsdag på Dværvbakken

Sitting at the grass beside my grandmother 1960 at the time when I watched the movie


  1. I am following that same blog and read that post just yesterday. Being one who has never known this kind of love from an earthly father it initially made me feel pity on myself. I ended feeling grateful that although my earthly father chose to deny me the experience of being Daddy’s Little Girl and no Daddy Warbucks came along either; God has more than proven that he is all I needed then and now. I agree that post was exceptional!

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