If we were having coffee…

If we were having coffee:

I would tell you that I have started a Danish blog on my life starting from my early childhood. Only because of writing here on this blog I can do that with joy now. I will extend it to describing memories about family members one by one so that they will not be completely forgotten. Have a look if you wish. It is not yet put up as I wish in all detail. It’s the “Tousjourtheme” and I am looking forward to learn how to customize it more like I wish it to be.


My mother had a birthday party for our neighbors in 1957


If we were having coffee : 

I would tell you that I am so thankful that I have now a little more than 300 followers. I do have even more who I follow and the other day I got a great advice from Krista, one of our clever administrators, on how to make lists of subjects we follow so it is easier to see what our fellow bloggers write. It took me a whole day to make one-third of a the list!

Erins billede Thank you

If we were having coffee:

I would tell you why I am asking you to take part in the subject on how to help/speak to people in crisis. I have been in crisis myself and I have tried to help mothers in difficult situations many times through the years. I have asked some of you, who have been so kind to comment on my post called Difficult Questions in times of Crisis  to guest blog on the same subject on HOW TO HELP IN A CRISIS. I am looking forward to collect these different answers in a new blog post. It doesn’t have to be long posts, just a few sentences or a whole blog post.

What I always battle with is when the people involved lose their temper and get angry. The anger stirs something uncontrolled up in me. I think it is a feeling of not being able to defend myself, not being heard and confusion sets in. I have felt that the anger in people rejected me for good. So how do you keep your control and kindness when you meet frustration and bad temper?

If any of you readers want to help me gather good methods in this and I haven’t asked you, please feel free to give me your advice. You are so welcome.

If we were having coffee:

I would tell you that I strive to get more order in my house and to do away with the clutter. It helps me when I am expecting guests because I don’t want them to see an untidy home. To help myself I have decided since New Year to tidy a little spot every day and that helps me to feel it is more fun to do it. I suddenly remember many years ago when I was expecting the kindergarten to come for one of my children’s birthdays. I was nearly flying in the air to manage to tidy up, set the table and make cakes and what ever they should have. I always thought:

Why didn’t I start yesterday?


    • Just now as you are commenting here I am absorbed in writing about my childhood. It comes like a flood that want to come out. In that way WordPress is so good that it’s easy to make many small illustrated chapters. But what happens when we die? I wish it could be printed out in a nice way.

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      • Butting in here – Maria, this is a very important project you are working on! There are ways to get your blog posts into a printable format. I once came across advice from WordPress people, on how to back up posts on your computer (but can’t find it now). Perhaps you can contact WP administrators for advice on that process, and whether that download is usable for reformatting for print.
        But, the writing you do on your computer (before you load up to your blog) would of course be best to format for printing. There are many tools and people out there to help with this. Please let me know if you’d like some links.


  1. Thank you Hildegard for your input if you come across some links on advice for printing our posts I would be thankful but I don’t want you to have a lot of work with it. Of course I could also ask at WordPress


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