Remembering Stalin’s many Victims

A new initiative is seen in Russia as small metal signs are put at houses where victims were taken away to the Gulag camps and later perished. Following text from the B.B.C. article:

The rectangular plaques are small and simple. Etched into the metal there is a name, date of birth and occupation: radio technician, journalist, student.

Then come the dates of arrest and execution.

Fixed to buildings across Russia, the nameplates are gradually restoring the memory of some of the hundreds of thousands of victims of Joseph Stalin’s political repressions.

The initiative of a group of activists, it is also a direct challenge to the growing number of Russians who see the Soviet leader in a positive light.

photo from the B.B.C. article

Memorial plaques in Moscow picture from the B.B.C. articel

I am reminded of the Stolperstein protect that commemorates Jewish Nazi victims in Germany and the occupied Europe in the Nazi time in a similar way.


  1. An interesting and courageous initiative. Let’s see how long the present Russian government will take to label it as subversive. Any form of public initiative not glorifying President Putin is not welcome. And the spy turned politician is a master in rewriting Russian history to legitimize his power.


    • I totally agree with you. Imagine that it’s still very dangerous to speak the truth in that huge country where still so many cling to the illusion that Stalin was a father for the country while he was a maniac and mass killer

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