Connect & Benches

At the Photo 101 course today’s assignment is “Connect and Social Medias”. For a long time I have wished to show you the old benches in Copenhagen.


In Copenhagen we still have benches like the ones that existed a hundred years ago when my grandparents met each other. I always think of them when I see one of these benches. You can sit alone and enjoy the parks or the view over the harbor or you can connect with other people. At the same benches where my grandparents met at Langelinje I also sometimes sat when I took the long ride on my bicycle from my home town Herlev ten km from Copenhagen to this area in the late 1960s. Last week at a visit to Copenhagen I found this bench at the Workers’ Museum in Roemersgade.

Bænk ved arbejdermuseet

Bench at the workers’ museum in Copenhagen


Morfar og mormor ved Langelinje 1919

My grandparents at Langelinje 1919

They kept a correspondence writing postcards to each other ever day the six months before they got married. The social media of that time. The postal service was very good with more than one delivery a day.

To read more about the way they met in the post “Serially lost part three” and a character study of my grandmother Asta.

The same area at Langelinje in a span of almost one hundred years 




Bænk 1947 Langelinje

A man with his dogs at the bench at “Langelinje” 1947 Photo from the Facebookgroup “Gamle København”

In 2011 I met with the people who was also going to run a New York Half Marathon. We had a training session here at Castellet and you will be able to see some of the old benches on these pictures.

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At Facebook I found a video of The Radio Girls’ choir singing at a the Queen Louise’s bridge in Copenhagen. The old benches is even seen there.


  1. I agree with Paula, your posts have always been fascinating but now they are getting very polished and professional looking. How romantic to sit and write a note everyday.


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