“Star Radio” a Symbol of Resistance

29th of August 2015 the façade and window of this famous radio shop was inaugurated as a museum site with changing exhibitions from the Danish resistance movement during WWII. The shop was in the western part of Central Copenhagen and that whole area became known for their united front against the German oppressors.

The photo in the middle is from the war-time and the two others are from the day the façade and window was re-opened 29th of August 2015

The Star Radio, in Danish Stjerne Radio, started in 1942 by a family called Munck. Soon after the owners put a printer in the back of the shop from which they produced illegal news papers. In 1943 a gathering started at the shop with men wanting to make resistance to the German oppression. They called themselves Holger Danske named after a legend figure sitting in the cellar of Hamlet’s Kronborg who raises up from his sleep when Denmark is in danger. These groups worked together with the communistic BOPA groups but insisted on being separate from them as national conservative minded people.

The shop owners were quite brave as they played American and English music from load speakers to the streets. When the German troops passed the street where the shop was it was a great thing to make them march to the melody of “It’s a long way to Tipperary . They also transmitted the B.B.C. Danish news at midday on Sundays.

Tyske soldater på Vesterbrogade

German soldiers marching in Copenhagen the day they occupied the country 9th of April 1940 Photo Københavns Museum.



They would also display a map in the window where by passers could follow the air battles in Italy. The RAF planes were intact but not the German planes.

Sabotage was planned there but the involved people of course had to escape to Sweden, but returned later to continue their fight. In May 1944 the shop was totally bombed by the Peter group a group working as German sympathizers and responsible for many terror deeds against Danes.

The major part of the sabotage in Denmark came from this place. When one Holger Danske group was taken by the Gestapo and new one arose.

The permanent window exhibition is made in honor of those who fought and died for the course of our freedom and the few surviving resistance fighters we still have among us today. The aim is also to educate new generations in this important history.

One of the most famous persons from that time Jorgen Kieler who also with his three siblings helped to organize the escape of the Danish  Jews October 1943.


The date the 29th of August was a date where the Danish government ceased to work as they couldn’t accept the terms the Germans had set. After that time martial law was ruling.

My husband and I were at the place the sunny August day last year where this place was inaugurated. A group of people has worked tireless for some years so have this done.

From our own photos on the day: I am speaking with an old former resistant fighter, and after the ceremony young dancers in historical costumes dance the dances of the 1940s

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