Warmth & the Quality of Light

Today I went to a WWI war memorial in Aarhus. It’s in Jutland Denmark. I have seen the place at other occasions as it’s situated at a very beautiful green area just beneath one of our Queen Margrethe’s  palaces. The sun was shining brightly on a blue sky and the sandstone got a warm shade from this kind of fresh spring weather. Young parents were taking their kids in there and taught them to make echoes. I got the feeling that they knew nothing of the history behind.

On the inner wall of the crescent the names of about four to five thousands young Danish men are written. They were forced into the war on the German side as Germany had taken a large bit of the Southern part of Jutland after a lost war with Germany in 1864. At the time some young men succeeded to escape to the part of Denmark that was free.  30.000 were enrolled to the German army. One in fifth died in the war. Denmark was neutral during WWI.

Looking at the names many of them are the same name as used  today. My eldest son is called Andreas and many on the wall had that name.


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