Free Sightseeing in London – the parks

So much can be enjoyed in London for free. One possibility is the parks of Central London.


The sculpture of Peter Pan

Where Kensington Gardens meet Hyde Park the sculpture with Peter Pan and the figures of the children’s book is hidden. Nearest tube station is Lancaster Gate not too far from Kensington Palace where Princess Diana lived. I took the photos this week in different times of the day. Birds were singing like the lovely robin and the daffodils were still blooming.



    • Thank you for your nice comment Patricia. There are so many beautiful memorials. At the Wellington Arch you can get brochures on the war memorials and the ones about the Royal ones through history. The one at the wall near St James park on the Queen Alexandra in art nouveau is very beautiful. You can see it in a post of that title if you would

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    • I live in Denmark but it’s so easy to come to London though expensive to stay at hotels. Found a “good enough one” just opposite the entrance to Kensington Gardens so I hope we can return. I like to run in the parks too

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    • O yes and you should only know how many times I have been looking for it. The parks are huge. This time I have written down how to find the way because I love the sight of it and I bought the children’s book as well. Reading it at night time πŸ˜‰


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