Walking through the security check today 

Normally this is just never fun, but something you just want to come through and forget about it immediately. Today was different at the very busy London Stansted airport. A massive number of people were crowding in long queues and suddenly a deep and loud voice of an official is heard like a street trader at a marked place trying to get people’s attention.  He makes a recital of all the things you have to do preparing for the security checks.

He sounded so funny I had to ask him to do it again which he kindly did. I wish I could remember it by heart. The way he said it was like a long poem:

Tablets, phones, belt and coats ……. Maybe babies out of strollers.

-Goodbye London and thank you for a lovely stay. We will be back !


I have loved you since my youth and now your air is fresher and your buildings cleaner, but I hope you won’t demolish all of your old buildings and change them with new ones in steel and glass.

The area around Victoria Station is being renewed

The area around Victoria Station is being renewed


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