My Introduction to “Expressive Arts Therapy”

I was so glad to find this fine contribution to the important subject on how to deal with crisis, emotionally, physically or spiritually. In my first post on this I ask my blogger friends to write posts on this from their point of view.
Hildegard has been through “Expressive Arts Therapy” and describes it in three post. Thank you so much Hildegard for your inspirational post!

chez Hildegard

Mindset-Amazon6x9-2014-BookAntiqua-ArtTherapyP47_cropThis post has been simmering for a long time… Heartfelt thanks to blogger Maria Holm of Health from One Heart to Another for encouraging me to write a post about my experience with this therapy, as a patient, and for her patience in finally getting this response. Maria was a public health care practitioner; she has a big heart for people, loves the arts, travel, and has many other interests too, as you’ll see from her blog.

I hope this post will encourage you to embrace creative activities as natural and essential to your daily life!

What is “Expressive Arts Therapy” anyway? By definition, all the arts are expressive, but what makes them “therapy”?

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    • You were so kind Hildegard to remember my request on treating difficult crisis situations. I will return to the subject in future posts and from different angles


    • I had never heard about this therapy but my blogger friend Hildegard sent it to me as I have asked for input on how to help in crisis situations. If you want to co blog on this subject you are more than welcome Patricia!

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