Dislikes & Likes  



The Dislikes

  • To see a pregnant and smoking woman in a pedestrian street in my home town
  • Beautiful baroque opera music with singers wearing vulgar costumes “The Fairy Queen” by Henry Purcell
  • People talking loud in their phones on any subject while you hear the counterpart in a bad loud-speaker
  • When at our hotel breakfast room other guests insist on having a TV Chanel on with biased “news” on repeat
  • Facebook groups created with the purpose to persecute or bully people
  • You see young people at the check-out desk of the supermarket only buying trash “food” at their lunch break when you have worked for years on teaching children the importance of choosing a healthy lifestyle

When I passed by the pregnant woman last week my first thought was:

I didn’t see that! We live in 2016 and everybody knows the danger of smoking

There is always a choice to make, should I interfere?

Excuse me do you know how your smoking effects your unborn baby just now? /

What do you think your unborn baby manage your smoking?

Could I help you in any way?

I didn’t do anything and felt bad about what ever choice I made in this situation. I would probably hurt and upset the woman by interfering but I know too that to grow up in cigarette smoke means being excluded from a good schooling as the poisonous smoke affects the brain, growth, looks and health. The baby will go through a lot more of illness and not be chosen as the best friend at school because of the bad smell in hair and clothes. You may find me judging but I have seen these things happen to children i many times in my work.


My husband and I like classical music and experienced the opera by Purcell at the Royal Theater in Copenhagen

The baroque and naughty costumes together with the fine music was probably made to attract people to Purcell’s old opera. Where is the boundary?  The poor singers and actors jumping around at the scene naked? See for your selves here. The nicer part of the scenery is collected in the trailer.

What about using the Pre-Raphaelite style as models for the singers and actors ? Could it attract even more theater-goers?

Mucha’s  beauties ? Here some suggestions from  postcards from Prague




The Likes

  • The ability to find new friends from all over the world on the internet
  • The ability to share cars, flats, sell your stuff easily on the internet and keep in contact with people and friends living far away
  • That I am still alive and able to walk, run, hear and see, taste and feel
  • That I am able to enjoy classical music and art
  • That I am able to be creative in writing and using photos to share with you
  • That I am able to interact to encourage somebody or to warn somebody of a danger

Do you have likes and dislikes in this direction or something different?


  1. I’m with you all the way on the music – quite what kind of mind thinks that was a suitable way to stage it defies belief! On balance, I think you were right not to say anything to the pregnant smoker, that should be for the doctors to tell her, however stupid you know she is!

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    • I have to acknowledge that I am not at work anymore but I seem to see too much. My experience with most doctors was that they didn’t want a conflict or occasion to lose patients. It is difficult as you can only guide people who want advice

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      • That’s the difficult part: knowing who would be receptive to good advice! Do you have to pay for medical care? I can see how that would make doctors unwilling to lose patients, if there was an income loss. Our NHS doesn’t have that problem and invests a lot in educating people about stopping smoking.


      • Our practicing doctors have their own private practice so they don’t like to be too unpopular. But soon we won’t have them anymore as the old doctors can’t get younger ones to buy their practice so something new has to be invented. Many do a good job in trying to motivate but some smokers are so addicted that advice is not received

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      • There doesn’t seem to be an easy solution to that. Hopefully a new model of care can be developed. But, as you say, some people will refuse help anyway!


      • yes Clive and I just had the thought that we have a lot in common. When I started to blog I thought that “Baby Health Care” would be my primary focus but it has developed to so many other subjects. I just read your two posts in “Mental Health”

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  2. Oh, my Maria, I couldn’t believe my eyes with that video. What terrible costumes…must have been such a distraction to the music. I know how dedicated you are to maternal and children’s health, so seeing the smoking must have been hard…but I agree with Clive. She must know she shouldn’t be doing it and if called on it could get defensive and angry. You never know how she might have treated you. The joy is your likes outweigh your dislikes…we need to live life with happiness to stay healthy…so just enjoy your friends, music and other joys..Stay well, my friend, Jo

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    • I receive your beautiful uplifting words Joaneeddy. I think I will write the Royal Theatre and tell them how I feel about their costumes. Those used in the final act was much worse than seen in the trailer.
      If I meet the smoker again in our town I think I might try to speak with her. I have nothing to lose

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    • Yes isn’t it exciting that we can share our daily life experiences and the more special ones across time zones and languages 🇨🇦🇩🇰🇫🇮🇵🇳🇸🇪🇨🇭🇺🇸just to mention some


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