3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge – Day 1

My blogging friend Clive with his blog “Take it Easy” has challenged me on this quote challenge. I would like to take part but I will bend the rules to let people take the challenge as they read my post finding it difficult to ask. Thank you Clive for asking me!

Last year I took part in one of the many WordPress writing courses and of the assignments was to be inspired by quotes. Today I will link to that post as old posts are seldom given the opportunity to be seen. I chose Dietrich Bonhoeffer,the German priest and martyr during WWII.

Today we still have to fight for our right to express our opinions in speech and writing. Bonhoeffer will forever be a role model to follow.

Image by Adam4d

Image by Adam4d

Thoughts about Bonhoeffer. Please feel free to take up the challenge to bring quotes. The rules can be found at Clives’ post.

Hook them with a quote


  1. Bonhoeffer became a hero of mine after I read the great biography by Eric Metaxas a few years ago. When I was in Berlin last year, I tried to get to his family home in Charlottenburg but was thwarted by a transit strike.


  2. Maria, So glad you used this quote from Bonhoeffer. I have started to read and learn about him continuously this past year. He certainly was a man filled with the spirit of the creator. If you get a chance take a look at Feminist Friday. I mentioned you in that post.

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