The Last Rose of Summer

This is a memorial post on my mother who died in October eight years ago, updated with a picture from my blogging friend Paul Militaru

From one Heart to Another


Six years ago my beloved mother died in October. What I had feared as a child just happened. She said every autumn, that she had taken “the last Rose of the summer” from the garden. She was a rose herself.

Roses by MH

The Last Rose of Summer The Last Rose of Summer

Always thinking about us her children and keeping her correspondence with many people all over family and friends. If she didn’t get a letter for a long time she said oh:

“I am so sorry I didn’t hear from that person for a year or so”.

Here is a Pingback to a fellow blogger on someone being remembered as a rose.

My mother never gave up, but kept on writing and sure enough, she got letters back. Now I am able to “see” her as she was when I was small and even further back when she was young during the WWII and fortunately I have…

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    • Thank you Joanne. It’s a balance to write about one’s life without being too much! I love to read about your’s and other bloggers’ past and memories. It’s so precious to be able to have a look

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