Visit Sweden- Dalarna

A dear family member in Oregon took part in an event in Oregon last week. When I saw the header picture I recognized the famous “Dalar horse”.

The area called Dalarna is a beautiful rural district a few hundred kilometers north of Stockholm. The wooden horses are decorated in folklore patterns in white, orange and blue.

Sweden has two famous painters from the area. Carl Larsson 1853-1919 who painted his home and family members in Sundborn and Anders Zorn 1860-1920 who lived in Mora, the town where the famous Vasa loppet ends every year in February.

It’s a long skiing event that is a replica of king Vasa’s flight from Sälen to Mora 90 kilometers, the world’s longest and oldest skiing race.  I have not taken part in the race but I have seen the museum in Mora where the story is told. The real race took place in the beginning of 1500 as a revolt against the Danish king Christian II. The future king Gustav Vasa became king over Sweden aften having gathered enough people around him to fight the Danish army. In 1922 the “Vasa Lopp” started and you can read about it in the link above.


I have visited the area some times in my life. First time in the 1970s with my twin brother who had a car and we saw the house of Carl Larsson. I returned 25 years later and we saw both painters’ houses. Both times it made a huge impression on me. Unfortunately you aren’t allowed to take pictures. The interior is easy to find as the pictures.


Karin Larsson's sleigh Carl Larsson's painting

Karin Larsson’s sleigh Carl Larsson’s painting


One of Carls Larsson's fine paintings

One of Carls Larsson’s fine paintings


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