Deleting History

Quote from my blogger friend Paul Soren.  

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While I’m talking about commemorating things I want to refer to the growing debate about memorials to past historical events that some people want to pull down. I’m not in the business of re-writing history to suit current sensibilities. I know that someone’s hero is another person’s enemy. But, hero or enemy, the facts of the specific events cannot and should not be whitewashed.


Dallas removes statue of Robert E. Lee from city park

Dallas removes statue of Robert E. Lee from city park photo “The Hill”

I found a video on General E. Lee. It must some years old and in it, he is portrayed as a man of integrity. He was against slavery and for the Union but chose to fight for his home state Virginia. He lived with his wife and many children at his house in Arlington Washington DC the now famous Arlington Cemetery. Did I understand it right that he lost his three sons in the war?

I found a soberly written blog about this question about history 

1-Lee-Mon-Ave-Richmond Wikipedia

Statue of Lee in Richmond Wikipedia


Let the buried heroes lie in peace at Arlington.


      • You have probably heard Joan Baez’ version which was a hit for her. She changed some of the words but not many. I don’t think it is specifically a tribute to Robert E Lee but more just a story about the feeling of the southern states of American. The Americans cannot forget the civil war because it was so terrible and try to make it sound as glorious as they can. In Australia we celebrate our involvement in WWl and WWll where we lost thousands of men. I think celebrate is the wrong word. It is better to use ‘remember’.


      • So true and worth remembering the loss and the griefs. Here in Denmark we usually lose our wars mostly due to bad leadership politically and in former times also militarily


  1. History should not ever be interfered with. It stands as the greatest of reminders. By trying to erase things there is such a danger that the warnings from the past will simply disappear and then I fear for the future.

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      • You hit the nail on the head … the two extremes are as one – controlling in the most dreadful way and grinding lives to dust. We must not whitewash history lest those that follow us have nothing to caution them.

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