Amazing Spring


The older I get, the more I treasure the spring. In Denmark, we long for the sight of the fresh green beech leaves. My mother always said that the beech got its leaves on May 7. Last week we had some hot days, and today I found these leaves on my running exercise. The colour is unique and will only last a few days or weeks.



The spring gives me the hope that there are law and order in this world. At a specific temperature, the flowers and leaves arrive in perfect order. The birds find each other, and each sings their songs to attract the other bird of the same kind or to warn other birds of not entering this territory. Last year I wrote a blog post on birds in the spring.

Beech tree showing its new leaves


A tulip tree close to my house


A Japanese cherry tree in the neighbourhood


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  1. Thank you for sharing these, they are so beautiful! I love spring. Spring holds the promise of summer. Summer, on the other hand leads us to fall. That’s how I’d imagine Paradise as a child, an eternal spring in a beautiful garden, with everything blooming.

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  2. Our mothers’ sayings about flora and fauna were probably all true, but with the weather changes taking place, I think the plants are confused – I know mine are!! But spring is still colorful.

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