Ice hockey World Championship 2018

This year Denmark is hosting the Ice hockey World Championship in my town Herning and in Copenhagen. Herning is not a typical tourist attraction but these days the centre and the venue around the event is full of fans from the competing countries. We had Airbnb guests from Norway who came to watch Norway lose to Denmark.

Herning was chosen, I think because we have brought up a lot of the elite ice hockey players who play in the U.S., Canada, Finland, Norway and Germany.

When I came to Herning 22 years ago, my three boys were then ice hockey players on the different junior teams. Unlike many other Danish cities Herning had an ice hockey arena so that place was chosen.

I believe it is emotional for these elite boys to come home to their town for this great event. Ten of these players on the Danish team come from Herning.

The town was decorated with ice hockey related things.  One afternoon Henry and I took a bicycle ride to see how the fan zone outside the Arena looked like and returned home via the city centre which also was vibrant with Danish fans and fans from the competing countries. All seem to be very friendly, and a lot are dressed in exaggerating costumes to be seen or just to make fun. At the so-called fan zone children could play in many different ways and the keen fans could watch the matches on huge screens. I have never seen so many heavily armed policemen in Denmark as around that fan-zone. It’s sad that it is necessary.

One of my sons is still playing ice hockey for fun in Uppsala Sweden where he lives


  1. It’s great to have such a big event in your home town, and I know from the 2012 Olympics how the excitement builds up. We missed out this year but GB will be at next year’s event. To be honest, though, it’s not a big sport here. Glad you enjoyed it.

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