Glimpse of Spring in London

I longed for spring, so I am a trip to London only a short flight journey from Denmark. My husband should have been with me but suddenly needs a Bypass operation.

I was on a similar trip alone in 1978, and since then we have been here together many times after the nest was empty. My computer is left behind at home so I can share some pictures from the days here.

St Martin-in-the-Fields where I love to visit for concerts and meals

Liberty at Regent Street

Old Bond Street on a quiet Sunday

A view of St. James Park with Buckingham Palace behind me

Old Bond Street same place was used as a painting by Swedish Anders Zorn in late 1800s

Blue Coat School from the 1700s saved from demolition by a shop owner

Art Nouveau concert venue Wigmore Hall

Wigmore Hall detail

Wigmore Hall inside


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