Channel Island National Park

Continuation of impressions from Ventura Southern California

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From the beach of Oxnard looking towards The Channel Islands

From the beach of Oxnard looking towards The Channel Islands

From the coast where we stayed in Oxnard, we could see the contours of The Channel Island. At the harbour of Ventura, there is a Channel Center Visitor Center.

If you can’t go to the desolate and exotic islands, the Visitor Center is a fine substitute. At a widescreen, a film is about the magnificent nature of the islands. At the islands are some of the animals unique and not seen in the rest of the world. The Island fox is one of them. I was tempted to buy the little toy fox.

At the shop, I also found a famous children’s book about an Indian girl who had to live alone at one of the islands for 18 years. The Title is “Island of the Blue Dolphins” by Scott O’Dell.  All the Indians had been taken away by the hunters and she was horrified that her brother was left behind. She escaped and found out that she was utterly alone. I knew that I couldn’t read that book but the story is fascinating. She was eventually taken to the Santa Barbara Mision and quickly dies as so many other Indians. Never having been exposed to the viruses of the Spanish immigrants she had no defence for beating that.

California Ventura

View from the Ventura Channel Island Visitor Center

The Channel Islands:

Anacapa Island

Santa Cruz, the largest of the islands

Santa Rosa Island

Santa Barbara Island

Imagine going back to hike on these islands 

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  1. The Island of the Blue Dolphins is a very important book. Australia suffered the same things as did the Americas. Our original inhabitants died very quickly from smallpox and other diseases. And we – the conquerors – have much to be ashamed of.


    • Then I will order the book and read it. I felt that I should have bought it in the shop but I didn’t know if I could manage to read it because of the sad story. On my way back to Europe I watched the long movie “Australia” that was also very touching for me to see

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