Remembering Notre Dame #2

Remembering Notre Dame

After I wrote about Notre Dame from the stories of my parents and grandparents, I found more details about their post-war journeys to Paris.

Departure from Copenhagen  1949

Departure from Copenhagen 1949

My parents were on a youth group-tour in 1949, and after a long exhausting train ride without room to sleep, they went out sightseeing in Paris. Notre Dame was the first place they saw.


“We passed the City Hall and crossed the Seine to Notre Dame. We were lucky to be there while a mass was on. Most French people are Catholics, and in the Cathedral, you find small boxes where they could confess their sins. We took the 400 steps to the tower and enjoyed the views.”



One year later, in 1950 my grandparents were able to make their first trip to France. From my grandfather’s diary I found the following:

“Notre Dame is situated on Ile de la Cite. The size of the Cathedral made it possible for people to confess their sins, others gathered for worship, a rather big funeral was going on, and at a fourth corner there was a morning mass all at the same time; we were among a hundred tourists looking around”.

Writing this, I listen to classical music on my favourite radio channel, and they announce that the famous old organ escaped destruction and hopefully the original stained glass windows survived as well.

To me, it sounds strange if this fire just arrived as an accident.


  1. Other bloggers and myself have discussed this “accident” decision on the part of France. We wondered who the heck ever decides that a fire is an accident, while it’s still burning? Every fire, no matter how large or small, needs a fire Marshall or arson team to investigate – this is NOT done while they are still battling the blaze. Some have come to the conclusion that, should the fire be known as a terrorist action, France is afraid that they would be obligated to retaliate. They would rather take the over $1 Billion dollars pledged for its restoration and leave it at that.

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