At one side of our house, we have a path with trees and bushes on both sides; Behind the small way, is a vast field. A high noise made me aware of the farmer harvesting the crops. He spent the day from morning to late evening on the work, and after that, only the stubble is left.

One generation ago, my husband, Henry, grew up on a small farm. Everything was done by hand and with horses. I don’t know how many weeks the same amount of work would take in the 1940s and 1950s. His father was the old-fashioned type who didn’t buy new equipment but stuck to the old ways of doing things. For details, please see his post on summer and harvest in his childhood.

The children learnt hard work and endurance by helping on the farm from early on in their lives.

We live at the border of a town at about 60.000 inhabitants. The photos show a more rural side of the area. We have a tradition of selling fruit, vegetables and flowers from a stand where you pay cash in a jar or from your phone. These flowers were for sale like that.

Flowers for sale at a grain field
Sun Flowers for sale
Flowers for sale at a field

I did this post with the new editor and I feel a bit lost regarding how to arrange the photos. It’s learning by doing.

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  1. A beautiful garden. So different from where we are. At the moment I have a huge garden of weeds. Admittedly they are mown but I’ve just started to try to make it lovely. But none of the lovely flowers you have. It will be too hot [and wet] in our summer. So I’m a little jealous. But thanks.


  2. Sunflowers are a favorite of mine, and those dahlias are beautiful! I’ve avoided the ‘new’ editor. Even looked at their tutorial and am utterly lost. Kudos to you for figuring it out. 🏆

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  3. Looks like some beautiful scenery there – although it looks like it might have gotten a bit dusty for you! 🙂 Love the sunflowers and other blooms – gorgeous pictures. The seasons still turning.

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