Glyptoteket, an Art Museum in Copenhagen

Brewer Carl Jacobsen turned his huge fortune from brewing Carlsberg beer into fine art and buildings in Copenhagen. One of them is The Glyptotec art museum placed near Tivoli in central Copenhagen.

From the homepage in English:

Glyptoteket’s collection consists primarily of works of art and archaeological objects from Ancient Egypt, the worlds of Ancient Greece and Rome, Etruscan Culture, as well as Danish and French art of the 19th century.

The collection of ancient sculpture includes an extensive collection of Ancient Greek and Roman portrait heads as well as a large collection of Palmyrene portraits. The modern part of the collection includes French sculpture from the 19th century – featuring a significant selection of works by Auguste Rodin – and French painting from 1800 to 1950, with Impressionism and Paul Gauguin as the absolute stars, plus a collection of Danish Golden Age Art. The greater proportion of the collection forms part of the museum’s permanent exhibitions, though there are, also, temporary special exhibitions which help to develop a perspective on the museum’s collection with the aid of works on loan.

I particularly like the halls with the classic Roman and Greek statues and the ones from the Golden Age of New Classism. Higher up in the building are the rooms with the Impressionistic painters. French Paul Gauguin is connected to Denmark because he had a Danish wife and lived here some years before continuing to live in France and Tahiti.   

On the roof of the museum you can get a view over Copenhagen. I never knew that before recently.


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