From before Covid

This photo was taken in March 2019; who would have thought that one year later, our world had changed in a way we who are alive now have never witnessed.

The photo shows an everyday situation here in Denmark. Since the 1980s, new mothers have gathered in groups according to the time of their newborn’s birth. They meet privately at home or take a walk or take a lunch at a cafe or restaurant.

These small children will so far not know anything other than suddenly masked parents or other adults that meet them. They won’t understand the mimic or react to other people’s facial expressions. For extended periods their mothers won’t be allowed to meet freely.

The weak elderly are isolated at care homes, and nobody asks them if they want to participate in this strange play called the isolation game or “We take care by keeping a distance”. Without the so-called vaccines, no place in the care home.

What happened to free will or sovereignty over our bodies?

Why do school children have to live in fear of an imaginary illness and be pressured to get a potentially deadly vaccine against a disease that is harmless to them? Why are we sacrificing our children?

Last year in December, our government closed down a lot of functions, and this year is a repeat of that plus the use of a corona passport for entrance to many places. How fun is that to line up to show your papers? Does it remind us of something that happened in Germany in the 1930s?

We are given unalienable rights to breathe and move around freely

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. -Thomas Jefferson

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