Laursen’s Private School in Aarhus

Recently, I passed by this school in Aarhus. It struck me how attractive the architecture was. I had to pause and see if I could get inside to catch the pictures on the wall with my phone.

Entrance to a private school in Aarhus

A cleaning lady opened the door and kindly let me in. The school is from 1886, and I got the impression that they cherished the values as I do. From a glance at the pictures decoration on the entrance hall, they recognise that history and knowledge about our culture are essential.

It seems to me that much knowledge has disappeared from our schools. Basic Danish grammar has been lost during the last twenty or thirty years. People get very upset if I dare to comment on their lack of understanding of the language. It hurts me to read what well-educated people write when you have to re-read several times to find the meaning and that misspellings show that they haven’t a clue about grammar.

Maybe one day, we will get a renaissance on learning the hard way. To be willing again to let our children be corrected until they know the skills.

I dream about a future where children again can learn proper skills and subjects like in former times. A new Renaissance.

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